best electric cool boxWhen it comes to buying an Electric Cool Box, there are many options from which to choose. You can decide to settle for an electric cooler, plastic ice chest, cool bag, or even a Styrofoam insulated box. Among the many types of coolers that are in the market, electric models are the most sought after – and with good reason.

Electric coolers function slightly different from other cool boxes and they offer plenty of benefits. If you’re on the fence about what kind of cool box to invest in, check out all the advantages you’ll get out of an electric model throughout our website – our buying guide would probably be the best place to start!

Now, we’ve all been there, searching through review after review and still coming up empty handed. So, if you take a little look below, we’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve done our research, tested some electric cool box’s and come up with the best electric cool box selection below, they’re the most popular hands down!

Best Electric Cool Box Reviews

 Cool BoxVoltageRatingPrice
24Litre Capacity Electrical Coolbox12V DC and 240V AC4.1££
Campingaz Powerbox 28 Deluxe Te Cooler12V DC4.2££
Waeco Mobicool G35 Electric Cool Box 12v/240v12V DC and 240V AC4.8££££
Waeco Mobicool U32 Camping Cool Box12V DC4.4£££

One of the biggest benefits of an electric cooler is the fact that it doesn’t require ice to keep food or beverages cold. Instead, these thermoelectric appliances run on electricity. For as long as your electric cool box is connected to a power source, it will keep any contents stored in it cold. The fact that these coolers don’t use ice packs provides you with more space to store food and drinks.