24 Litre Electric Cool Box 240v Review

If you spend a great deal of your time on the road or go on outdoor trips a lot, buying an electric cool box can be a great way to stay hydrated when driving in hot and cold weather. Marko Electrical offers a fantastic cool box that will make a great additional travel accessory. Designed to keep stored food contents cold or warm, the innovative 24L capacity electrical cool box from Marko Electrical will provide you with plenty to eat and drink during your trips regardless of the weather. The best part is that you can carry this portable cool box on any type of journey. The following 24L Litre Capacity Marko Electrical Coolbox review offers more information on this unit designed by Marko Electrical to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

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The Cool Box is Equipped with a Brushless Motor

Although this 24L capacity 240V AC & 12V DC cooler box has several amazing features, the best feature can be said to be its long life (30,000 hours) brushless motor. This is because brushless motor tools are generally known to have added performance and a long lifespan. In addition to being very powerful, the smart brushless motor tools are capable of adjusting their functioning capacity to suite the task at hand. For instance, when using this cooler box to cool food on a particularly hot day, the brushless motor will sense the high temperatures, and in turn draw more power to effectively keep the stored food items chilled. In the same way, the motor will work harder to keep food warm on chilly or extremely cold winter days.

Offers 2 Power Inputs

As the name suggests, this cooler box offers 2 power input options: 12V DC (vehicle cigarette lighter plug) and 240V AC (indoor house plug) plugs. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefit of choosing the plug option you prefer or powering the cool box with your car while you are out on the road.

Has Amazing Heating and Cooling Capacities

The 24L Capacity Electrical Coolbox 240V AC & 12V DC Electrical Cool Box Cooler is fitted with amazing heating and cooling capacities, ensuring that it does its job to perfection. These include a cooling capacity of 15 to 180C below ambient temperature and a heating capacity of 50-65 0 C by thermostat. With this cooler/heater box, you’ll be able to make the most of your outdoor activities.

The length by width by height dimensions of this 24L capacity electrical cool box measure 42 x 31.5 x 44 cm respectively.

The cool box comes with a removable divider for holding bottles upright
Features red and green indicator lights for showing hot and cold status
The cool box is environmentally friendly thanks to its CFC-free Solid polyurethane foam inner lining
Comes with all of the necessary plugs and leads

The cool box’s fan is a bit noisy.

Consumer Ratings
With a 4.1 out of 5 star rating on Amazon at the time of compiling this review, the 24L capacity Coolbox electric cooler from Marko Electrical boasts of generally good consumer ratings. The high ratings it has earned goes to show that buying the unit will not turn out to be a disappointment. There is a good chance you’ll be grateful for the purchase since most of the 100+ reviewers on Amazon claim that this cool box is a great buy and it does its job very well.

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The 24L Capacity Electrical Coolbox will serve you well for a really long time. This can be attributed to its durability and versatility in working as a cooler during hot weather and heater on cold days. If you’re shopping on a low budget and don’t want to compromise on the joy of enjoying an ice cold drink during a summer outing or warm beverage in the height of winter, this cooler offers a great deal.