5 Secrets to Cool Box Happiness

Electric cool boxes are essential items when day tripping, camping, or going for any other outdoor trip where you’ll be taking food and drinks with you. In order for you to be able to enjoy all the benefits that electric coolers have to offer, it’s important that you know how to effectively use your cool box. This article offers you 5 Secrets to get the best out of your electric cool Box.

Pack Your Cool Box Full

Most people assume that an electric cool box will use up more energy when filled to the brim and as such avoid filling their cool boxes. This, however, is not the case. In fact, the more the food in your electrical cooler box, the colder the air will be in your cooler once it manages to cool down all of the stored food. And the more the cold air in your cooler the less the cooler will need to work Electric Cool Boxat keeping the food cold. So, it’s more economical to pack your cool box full whether or not you’ll be needing all of the stored food.

Don’t Let It Run Your Battery Down

Being unable to continue with your journey or head back home after a fun outdoor trip due to a flat car battery can be annoying. So, it’s important that you take a few necessary steps to prevent your cooler box from running your battery dry. You can freeze your food before packing it into the cooler to make it more energy efficient. Alternatively, go for electric cooler boxes with a battery control feature that prevents it from draining your battery.

Another way to run your cool box effectively from a car battery is by starting the engine occasionally. Cars are designed to charge their own batteries using the alternator, an engine component that powers your vehicles electrical system. Starting the engine will prevent your battery from flattening during use when the car ignition is turned off.

Go for a Big Sturdy Cool Box

If you haven’t already bought a cool box and are planning on getting one, it’s advisable to go for the biggest and strongest cool box that you can afford. While smaller and cheaper options are more tempting, they should be avoided as they’ll more than likely let you down. Bigger and stronger cooler boxes, on the other hand, usually feature a higher performance level and more storage space thus allowing you to pack as much foodstuff as you desire.

Use It as a Seat

Going for a big and sturdy cool box doesn’t just enable you to keep your food colder for longer and pack as much as you want – it also offers you the added benefit of doubling up as a seat. There are a variety of strong and sturdily built cool boxes in the market that are strong enough to be used as seats at campsites and picnics. These boxes can come in handy during instances where there is not enough seats for everyone or if you simply want a somewhat more comfortable alternative to sitting down on the ground.

Always Have a Backup Power Source

When shopping for an electric cooler box, go for one that offers two power inputs, preferably a car cigarette lighter and a mains power supply. Such a cooler box will enable you to carry a backup power source and thus avoid the unfortunate scenario of running out of energy to power your cooler or worse, running your battery down and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Craving a cold drink during a summer outing but only having access to a warm one or eating slightly soggy sandwiches during a picnic trip can ruin any well planned outdoor excursion. With the tips shared above, you’ll never have to experience these kinds of situation. In addition, these helpful tips will help you to put your cool box to greater use than simply cooling foodstuffs.