Benefits of an Electric Cool Box

When it comes to buying a cool box, there are many options from which to choose. You can decide to settle for an electric cooler, plastic ice chest, cool bag, or even a Styrofoam insulated box. Among the many types of coolers that are in the market, electric models are the most sought after – and with good reason.

Electric coolers function slightly different from other cool boxes and they offer plenty of benefits. If you’re on the fence about what kind of cool box to invest in, below are some of the advantages you’ll get out of an electric model.

No Ice Means More Storage Space
One of the biggest benefits of an electric cooler is the fact that it doesn’t require ice to keep food or beverages cold. Instead, these thermoelectric appliances run on electricity. For as long as your electric cool box is connected to a power source, it will keep any contents stored in it cold. The fact that these coolers don’t use ice packs provides you with more space to store food and drinks.

Portable and Versatile Usage
Electric coolers are quite portable and easy to carry. A small or medium sized unit can easily fit inside your car trunk, making it possible to keep drinks and other perishables cool when you’re on the move.Electric Cool Box

When it comes to powering electric coolers, these appliances can work with AC or DC power. For instance, a unit could be rated for 110-240V AC mains power or 12V DC power. Besides drawing power from a wall socket, most units provide the option of plugging in to a car’s cigarette lighter socket. With this feature, it’s possible to power your cool box with a DC power cord directly from your vehicle’s battery.

Ability to Cool or Heat with the Same Unit
Thermoelectric coolers use the Peltier effect and fans that draw away heat to maintain cold storage conditions for keeping food fresh or cool. Some models are designed to reverse the process so as to keep food warm instead of cooling. With this feature, there’s no need for providing additional heating functions within a given cooling system.

Store Food and Beverages for Longer
Most electric coolers in the market can drop temperature conditions for food storage to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient temperature or raise it by that much. Other units have digital thermostat controls, which can be very useful if you want to regulate temperature conditions to keep items from freezing in extremely cold weather.

The thermal insulation that comes with most electric cool boxes allows them to keep food cold for some time even when disconnected from a power source. How long these boxes can keep food cold without power ultimately depends on ambient temperature conditions and the number of times the lid will be opened.

Highly Reliable
Electric coolers offer very high reliability due to their solid state construction. Although the lifespan of these units varies depending on the manufacturer’s build quality, a good thermoelectric unit can offer more than 200,000 hours of operation.

Few Moving Parts
An additional advantage about thermoelectric cool boxes is that they have fewer moving parts than conventional freezers. The only components that move are fans which circulate cool air inside the food storage compartment. Having a cool box with fewer moving components provides several benefits. To begin with, this reduces the risk of component failure and less maintenance is required. With fewer active parts, electric coolers produce no vibration or electrical noises. Silent operation can come in handy if you like to keep your electric cooler in the dining room when entertaining guests.

The benefits of an electric cool box are indeed plenty, hence the reason why these coolers are highly popular. Keep in mind that these units come with a wide range of features, so take the time to compare different brands and choose the right electric cool box for your needs.