Best Non-Electric Cool Box 2015

When it comes to a short trip or a fun day out with family and friends, a non-electric cooler is arguably the best way to go. And, this is not because the cooler will help make your outing more enjoyable by providing everyone with enough to eat, but rather due to the fact that this type of cooler will save you from having to use up your car battery to power it during the few hours you’re out.

With that said, finding the perfect non-electric cooler for you from the tons of options available can be tedious. So, to save you the trouble of hopping from one shop to another in search of the perfect cooler, this article has compiled a list of 3 of the best non-electric coolers in the market.

Coleman Excursion 36Qt Hard Cooler

The Coleman Excursion 36Qt Cooler makes it to the top of this list because when it comes to perfection, this cooler comes very close. Highly efficient in all the important aspects of a cooler, the Coleman Excursion 36Qt Cooler offers you the following benefits:

  • High performance level: A highly effective PU foam insulation gives this cooler a high cooling performance that keeps food cold for 24 hours and longer if you use bags of ice.


  • Portability: Although the Coleman Excursion Hard Cooler is big, bulky, and heavy to lift, it has handles on the side which make it easy for two people to transport the cool box.


  • Versatility: This cooler is highly versatile and can be used on all sorts of outings including fishing and mountain climbing excursions as it has a fish measuring scale and bungee tie-down holes.


  • Good size: With a large holding capacity of 34 liters, this coolbox has enough space for carrying a day’s worth of food, drinks, and snacks.


  • Solid construction: As the name suggests, the Coleman Excursion Hard Cooler is solid and strong. It can even double up as a seat during camping trips. The cool box also features a textured exterior that resists scratches and scuffs.


  • A multi-functional lid with cup holders

With this many impressive features, what more could you possibly want from a non-electric cooler?

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Thermos Cool Box – 32L

Considered an excellent choice for family-sized outings, the Thermos Cool Box-32L is a simple yet effective cooler. Its lightweight and sturdy construction makes it durable and easy to transport while its collection of wonderful features make it an exceptional cool box. Capable of keeping food cold for up to 12 hours, this cool box has a large holding capacity, and a lockable lid that keeps your food securely locked in even during rough road trips and instances when the cooler gets accidentally knocked over. And in addition to that the lid also doubles up as a cup holder when turned upside down. The Thermos Cool Box-32L is also capable of holding a 2L bottle upright.

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Coleman 62Qt Xtreme Cooler

The Coleman 62Qt Xtreme Cooler is a tough cool box with an amazing storage capacity and an even better cooling performance. It has the capacity to hold up to 85 beverage cans with ice and stores the ice for 5 days at exterior temperatures of up to 90 degrees F. Therefore, your food will stay cold for up to 5 days with this cool box. The Coleman 62Qt Xtreme Cooler is also easy to transport and durable as it features all-terrain wheels, easy-grasp tow handle, and high quality plastic construction. Other features of the Coleman 62Qt Xtreme Cooler include two-way handles for easy lifting and carrying, as well as a rustproof, leak resistant channel drain that designed purposely to prevent tilt draining.

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So, there you have it, 3 cool boxes that offer you the very best of non-electric cooler technology. All of the mentioned coolers are durable, robust, and very effective at keeping food cold. And if you wish to enhance their cooling performance, you can always chill/freeze your food prior to packing and add ice blocks/bags to the cooler.