One of the must have pieces of equipment when going out for an outdoor excursion is an electric cooler. Although there are many different kinds of cool boxes, electric models are far much better because of the numerous benefits they provide. With an electric cool box, you can keep food and beverages safe for consumption throughout an entire camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting trip without the need for ice packs that melt too easily.

As with most products, the market is packed with a wide range of models from various brands, so picking the best electric cooler for your needs can be a daunting task. If you want to buy an electric cool box and don’t know where to start, fret not. This electric cool box buying guide will provide useful information to make your buying decision easier. Listed below are some of the important factors to take into account when looking for an electric cool box that will meet your needs.

Buy a Cool Box that is the Right Size

Coolers are designed in different sizes to meet various needs. Obviously, you’ll want to choose the right size that fits your food storage requirements. It’s therefore important to know what sizes you’ll find on the market.

The capacity of these units is usually measured in litres. Manufacturers typically offer cooler sizes that range from 25 litres to 45 litres. When thinking about size, it’s best to determine how much food or drinks you’ll be storing in the cooler. The ideal capacity will vary depending on your specific use. For instance, a 25-45 litre cool box should be able to store enough food or beverages for two to three people during a weekend camping trip. For day trips, consider a smaller unit that is less than 25 litres.

The type of outdoor trips you’ll be having can also determine what cooler size you’ll need. If you plan to go hunting or fishing, a 45+ litre cool box can come quite in handy when you consider all the game meat or fish you’ll be bringing bring back home.

You Should Buy a Cool Box with Excellent Build Quality

A good electric cool box should be well-built. However, durability of coolers varies as this depends on what kind of use they’ll be subjected to. How long you wish to keep your cool box will also help you determine what level of sturdiness you should go for. For instance, a cool box used for occasional picnic lunches at the park doesn’t need to be as durable as one taken for week long camping trips several times each year.

Most coolers have a plastic shell. If your unit will be sitting on a dusty or even wet camping site for an entire week, the plastic used to make the box should be tough. Be on the lookout for cool boxes that have sturdy handles and properly fitted lids as well. It can be very inconvenient to have the handles snap or a lid that keeps popping open when carrying a cool box full of food or drinks. To know how well-built a particular cool box is, it may be wise to read a few customer reviews on the model you wish to purchase.

Consider the Cooling Power of your Cool Box

Cool box manufactures usually state the cooling capacity of their units as one of the specification features. For example, you may come across a cooler that can cool edibles up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient temperature. Ambient temperature is simply the temperature conditions of the immediate environment in which your unit is stored. The higher this value, the more cooling power your cool box can offer.

Functionality of the Electric Cool Box is Key

The features an electric cool box comes with can offer varying levels of functionality. If you want to get the most out of your electric cooler,  you may want to invest in one that has one or more of the following features.

  • Versatile Power Source Connectivity
    Some electric coolers provide the option of drawing power from a mains socket or from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter receptacle using a 12 V DC cable.
  • Convenient Carry Handle Design
    Foldable, easy grip, or double side handles can add convenience when you’re storing or moving a heavy cool box packed with food or drinks.
  • Battery Security
    An electric cooler that has battery alert security will let you know when the car battery is running low.
  • Wheeled Cooler
    Buying a cooler on wheels that can be towed is a practical way to move a heavy unit from point A to B.

Keep in mind that the practically you’ll get from an electric cool box ultimately depends on the type of features that your chosen brand offers. Remember to consider all your needs before making a final decision.