Campingaz Powerbox 28 Deluxe Te Cooler Review

Are you planning your next road trip, family picnic, or camping trip? If so, you’ll need a good cooler that will serve you well. And what better option to go for other than the Campingaz Powerbox 28 Deluxe Te Cooler? This high performance 28L capacity thermoelectric cooler is packed with several wonderful features that in addition to enabling the cool box to effectively keep food hot or cold, also provide you with a great deal of convenience as well as a few amazing benefits. This Campingaz Powerbox 28 Deluxe Te Cooler review will spell out what features to expect as well as the pros and cons that come along with your purchase.

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Cooler Box Is Easy-To-Use

The easy-to-use feature of the Campingaz Powerbox 28 Deluxe Te Cooler enables you to activate the cooler or heater function with ease. The electric cooler’s cable features two connection attachments, a red port on one side, and a blue one on the other. Both ports plug into the connector on the lid to turn on the warm and cool functions. Plugging in the blue dot automatically activates the cooler function while the red one turns the cooler into a heater.

Features a Convenient Upright Design

Although the Campingaz Powerbox 28 Deluxe Te Cooler is a 28L capacity cool box, it looks larger than most cool boxes with the same holding capacity. This is due to its upright design, giving the box straighter sides that provide more usable space. So, with this cooler, you can pack enough food to last you several days whether you’re alone or in the company of friends or family.

Battery Cut-Off Control Protects Your Car Battery

In addition to enabling the use of your car battery to power it, this cooler box features an integrated charging control function that prevents your car battery from flat lining and leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. This battery-cut-off control feature is designed to kick in when the cooler box is plugged in and the car engine switched off. The feature works by automatically switching off the cooler when the car battery drops below 11.5V and once turned off, the cooler will not switch back on until the car engine is re-started.

Extra Lid Provides Added Convenience

Aside from having a regular lockable lid like most cool boxes, the Campingaz Powerbox 28 Deluxe Te Cooler also has an additional lightweight lid. This additional lid makes it easier to carry the cool box and keeps the motorized lockable lid underneath it separate and protected. Additionally, the extra lid doubles up as a handy side table and features two recesses for securely holding drinks.

The Campingaz Powerbox 28 Deluxe Te Cooler measures 390 x 280 x 485 cm.

Uses a brushless motor which extends the cooler’s lifespan and enables quieter operation
Has a cable storage compartment
Can be powered by the car battery through a 12V DC connection and the mains power supply via a transformer
Features a rugged scratch resistant exterior and a smooth easy to clean interior
Features a long 2.75m cable length
This thermoelectric cooler heats to a maximum of 650C and cools to 160C below ambient temperature

Transformer for the mains hookup is sold separately
Condensation may drip from the lid causing stored food items to get wet

Consumer Ratings
The general stance regarding the Campingaz Powerbox 28 Deluxe Te Cooler is that this cool box offers good value for its price. It has earned high ratings on Amazon and other consumer review websites. Most buyers claim that the product works well and is an overall good buy.

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Whether you’re looking for a small or big cooler, the Campingaz Powerbox 28 Deluxe Te Cooler can be the perfect cool box for you. Not only is it versatile, spacious, and portable, it’s also very effective at its job.