Campingaz Powerbox Classic Thermoelectric Cool Box Review

Before you buy an electric cool box, it’s always important to choose a reliable brand. With that in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that Campingaz is one of the leading manufacturers offering a variety of thermoelectric coolers designed for different users. Their Powerbox Classic series also offers a selection of three different sized thermoelectric cool boxes from which to choose. Here’s a quick Campingaz Powerbox Classic Thermoelectric cool box review to help you learn about the features of each model in this line.

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Spacious Storage Capacities

Campingaz designs electric cool boxes that can carry enough food for an entire family. The three models in the Powerbox Classic series have 24, 28, and 36 liters of storage. When placed vertically, you can store up to 3 x 1.5L bottles in the largest cool box while the other two can accommodate 2 x 1.5L bottles. Keeping things organized will be easy when using the Powerbox 36L classic cooler since it comes with an internal shelf.

Lightweight and Portable Design

The Campingaz Powerbox Classic Coolers have several features that make them easy to travel with when camping out. All three coolers can be powered directly from your 12V DC car cigarette port. Each cooler has a 2.75m cable and an in-built compartment to keep the cord out of the way during transportation.

For an added cost, you can buy the 230V AC/ 12V DC transformer. With this accessory, you’ll be able to plug your cool box to an outlet socket at home or those found at certain campsites.

When it comes to carrying these coolers, you’ll have an easy time since they all have handles. Additionally, the coolers only weigh 3.5, 3.8, and 5.8 kilos according to size.

Powerful Cooling Technology

Campingaz Powerbox Classic cool boxes will keep your food and drinks chilled without the use of ice packs thanks to their effective thermoelectric cooling technology. The 24L and 28L units cool contents to 16 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature. The larger 36L cooler only reaches 18 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature but it has thick PU foam for extra insulation.

Package Details and Accessories

  • 1 x 24L, 28L or 36L Campingaz Powerbox Classic Thermoelectric Cool Box with lid
  • Removable plastic grid shelf (for the 36L cooler)
  • Owner’s information booklet
  • 230VAC/ 12V DC transformer (sold separately)



  • Decent range of spacious electric coolers
  • Light enough to travel with
  • Lids with cup holders
  • Roust construction



  • Although Campingaz claims that these units have brushless motors for quiet operation, they still make a constant hum when running


Consumer Ratings
The Campingaz electric coolers have elicited a mix of reactions from different buyers. However, consumer ratings are generally good. Much of this has to do with the fact that the majority of buyers are very pleased with these coolers. As of writing this review, more than 160 Amazon buyers have rated these coolers 4 stars out of 5.

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If you’re on a budget, the Campingaz Powerbox Classic electric coolers are definitely worth considering. Besides being reasonably priced, these electric cool boxes offer variety, spacious storage, and reliable cooling performance. Overall, they’re a practical buy for anybody who needs a convenient and cost effective way to keep both food and drinks cool during long road trips or vacations.