Coleman 50QT Xtreme Wheeled Cooler Review

The best accomplice for any of your most loved dishes and snacks is, obviously, your most loved beverages also, which can be kept super cold and reviving through the Coleman 50Qt Xtreme Wheeled Cooler. The Coleman 50Qt Xtreme Wheeled Cooler is a cooler for when you are expecting a great deal of parched individuals. This gadget can hold up to 48L of fluid, which can be generally meant 72 normal measured jars in addition to ice. The cooler is tall too, which implies even 2L container can fit into the case’s mouth effortlessly.

Coleman Xtreme coolers are outlined with premium protection innovation which keeps the substance icy on ice for quite a long time. These coolers are ideal for long journeys and trips, days spent on the campground, or notwithstanding brandishing occasions. As an additional component, powerful tops are sufficiently solid to be utilized as a seat for up to 113kg! The Coleman Xtreme protection gives premium cooling execution, more than 45L of limit, in addition to the comfort of wheels.

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Thick, Premium PU Insulation

Various tests have demonstrated that cooling loss is about 30% through the top and 30% through the base. New models highlight expanded protection in the cover and base, and lessened protection on the sides, bringing about littler outside measurements yet holding inside limit and execution. The cooler utilizes polyurethane, the most elevated quality protection material accessible available – using up to 30% more protection.

Expanded Efficiency

At the point when a cooler interacts with a hot floor, warmth is exchanged straightforwardly to the cooler. In the event that the cooler is lifted off of the ground, the warmth is exchanged through the air in the hole since air is a good insulator. The cooler has two coordinated, adjusted feet giving the ideal measure of space for air to stream. Research shows that the most execution proficient shape for a cooler is circular, but since this is not functional calculations has been made for the sides of chose models to further upgrade execution.

Coleman 50QT Xtreme Wheeled Cooler ReviewThermo zone Protection

This cool box is made with eco-accommodating Thermo zone protection. This kind of protection contains no CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs. Thick PU froth gives powerful protection both in the top and in the cooler’s body. Each hole is infused with this froth to ensure that the gadget offers no cool or warm spots. The cooler can store ice for up to five days without softening, even in temperatures achieving 32◦C.

Awesome Framework

The shaped handles of this item take into account simple lifting and conveying. The vast wheels help is making transport considerably less demanding, for this gadget might get very overwhelming when topped off. The cooler alone weighs 7kg. The Coleman 50Qt Xtreme Wheeled Cooler accompanies a rust-verification and release safe channel framework, for simple cleaning. No more will you need to tilt the cooler over to expel abundance fluid or build up from its inside. The work of this cooler is solid and durable, with an external layer of polypropylene, which is a substance that is impervious to both concoction and acidic solvents.

Some of the key features are

  • Capacity to hold up to 48L of fluid
  • Can hold bottles as tall as 2L long
  • May hold 72 jars in addition to ice
  • Thick FU froth in the body and cover
  • Formed handles for less demanding lifting, conveying and putting away
  • Extensive wheels for simple transport and motility


Product Dimensions

  • 58 x 44 x 46 cm and 6 Kg



  • The best part about this cooler is its handles and wheels which are extremely advantageous in transporting the gadget starting with one place then onto the next.
  • The cover accompanies drink holders, which protect your beverage as you put them down.
  • The gadget can hold sustenance things and beverages cool for up to five days, even with steady opening of the top to get things out.



  • While the span of this item might be suitable for a few, the Coleman 50Qt Xtreme Wheeled Cooler Hard Shell Passive Cooler might be too enormous for others, particularly for families or individuals searching for a cooler for a basic cookout or day at the shoreline.


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The cooler does as publicized and functions admirably at keeping sustenance things and beverages cool even in warm temperatures. One issue that individuals might experience with this gadget is its size, which might be suitable for a few yet too enormous for others.