Waeco Mobicool W48 Electric Cool Box Review

While going outdoors, one of the most important things is proper nourishment! Grills, potato plates of mixed greens and even a few veggies here and there are a portion of the crucial suppers that make any outdoors encounter something to recollect.

A fast and simple approach to ensure that none of these items ruin all through your stay at the camp ground is through utilizing the Waeco Mobicool W48 48 Litre Camping Coolbox!

With an entire 48 litres of capacity the Waeco W48 can be associated up to either a 12 Volt, (Min 4 amps) power attachment or 240 Volt mains. Both leads are supplied with the Waeco W48 Thermoelectric Cool Box.

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Thermoelectric Controlled

The Waeco W48 Mobicool Cool Box is the greatest thermoelectric controlled coolbox accessible and is totally at the highest point of its amusement. The W48 is perfect for various events including overnight outings, enormous picnics, days at the shoreline, or taking as of now chilled nourishment and beverages down to your Caravan or Boat.

An adaptable handle framework and wheels empower the Waeco W48 Thermoelectric Cool Box to be conveyed or utilized like a trolley which is helpful when the entire 48 litres is utilized completely! Also, with a cooling limit of up to 18 deg C underneath the encompassing temperature and additionally twin covers that give simple access to either compartment when utilizing the included inward divider, the Waeco W48 Mobicool Thermoelectric Cool Box is a helpful, simple to utilize and transportable superior cooler.

You can now keep all the diverse meat cuts, beverages and servings of mixed greens you need as cool and crisp as would be prudent. No more will you have stress over these things ruining also, which let you appreciate outdoors all the more.

waeco w48 electric cool boxVoltage Friendly

The Waeco Mobicool W48 12 volt and Mains 48 Litre Camping Coolbox is a thermoelectric cool box that keeps running on both 12V and primary voltages.

Easy to carry

This cooler is lightweight, weighing up to 5kg just, and in this way simple to bear. It accompanies two durable wheels and in addition handles on either side of the item, which let a client lift it up or pull it alongside simplicity. The cooler box can hold up to a most extreme of 48L in weight, and is sufficiently tall to hold a consistent measured 2L bottle upright effortlessly. The gadget might be utilized as both a mid-section cooler and an icebox, contingent upon what fits the need of the client the best.

The Waeco Mobicool W48 12 volt and Mains 48 Litre Camping Coolbox can keep things cool to a most extreme temperature of 20◦C underneath the current surrounding temperature. This implies even in temperatures coming to up to very nearly 32◦C, the temperature inside the cool box will stay 12◦C and lower.

Key Features

  • 12V thermoelectric cool box
  • May be utilized as a mid-section cooler or as an icebox
  • Comes outfitted with two durable wheels
  • Can cool to a most extreme of 20◦C underneath surrounding temperature
  • Holds up to a most extreme of 48L and can hold a 2L bottle standing upright
  • Waeco Mobicool W48 12 volt and Mains 48 Litre Camping Coolbox


Product Dimensions

  • 532 x 452 x 400 cm and 9 Kg



  • One thing that clients promptly preferred about this item was its open yet reduced nature and construct. This permits individuals to place every one of the beverages they need inside the gadget perfectly, without lugging around a larger than average cooler.
  • The haggles of the gadget have been lauded too, for they make moving the item much simpler.
  • The Waeco Mobicool 48 Litre Camping Coolbox keeps things cool and new.



  • One thing that clients might have issues with when utilizing this item is the span of the cool box.

In spite of the fact that a 48L limit is all that anyone could need for consistent excursions, the cooler may not be suitable to use for substantial open air parties or overnight grills at the shoreline.

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The Waeco Mobicool 48 Litre Camping Coolbox has yet to get negative surveys. The item does as publicized, keeping things cool and conveniently stacked for the duration of the day. The cooler is anything but difficult to utilize, simple to handle, simple to convey around and simple to store away. Clean ups are simple also, for both the inside and outside of the cool box are produced using without rust and stain-safe material.